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1. For shipping purposes, the GEM units are shipped with the BLK Main feed wire placed into the middle of the down contactor. Pull it out.
2. If one or both motors turn in the wrong direction, switch the internal motor windings BLK(T5) with Red(T8).
3. If the motor does not work:
     A: Your color to color wiring may not be correct; you must use the wire diagrams shown on the wiring diagram page.
     B: Gem systems only work with 120/240V single phase, cap start, induction run motors.
     C: 3 Phase motors require a special GEM unit. (Indicate at time of order.)
4. For 120V motor system problems, if there is a hum connect the red and white feed together.
5. If the remote control buttons run the motor in the opposite directions than when manually working the unit, the manual switch has been rewired instead of the motor wires. Motors must be internally rewired; the manual switch must be turned right side up.
6. Systems running on 120V AC which are not working: connect the red and white main feed leads together. (See fig. 1 on the wiring diagram page)
7. In Auto-Stop mode, if the motor runs in only one direction, adjust the limit switch nuts. Refer to the instructions on the cover of your unit.
8. In general, GEM systems require 220V with 3 wires and a ground. But if you have 120V coming down to your dock, with 2 wires and a ground, then rewire your two wires to carry 220V, rewire the GEM multitap transformer for 220V, and rewire the motors at 220V. (See 230V wiring diagrams figs. 6 and 7 on the wiring diagram page.)
9. If you experience short range with your remote, or lift hiccups, replace the battery in the remote. Replace battery also if the red light on the remote control is dim or flashing.
Drum switches must be cut off when installing a GEM unit. You may have to rewire the motors according to GEM drawings. Special note: orange and white wires from the drum switch could be differently wired. Check these.
11. If you hear a chatter in the contactor when the remote is activated: Check for low voltage in the system while it is running. Compare your current installation to the wire gauge chart shown on the wiring diagram page (wiring diagram page). Check that you have the correct wire size for the number of motors being used, your motor's horsepower rating, and the length of the run from the GEM unit back to the main power breaker.

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