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  8832 and 8833 transmitters must be programmed with a code before they can transmit to the Gem unit installed on the dock. If you are ordering a replacement remote control transmitter for a system that is already installed at your dock, the new transmitter will have to be programmed before it will work. Before shipping a replacement transmitter, Gem can program the remote for you, but only if you tell us the code. The code can also be determined by looking inside a transmitter that has already worked with that Gem system.

Don't miss the photo below which shows the dip switches in these transmitters!

To Find the Code
1. Turn off power to the unit.

2. Open the case of the Gem unit and look for a handwritten code of 3-4 digits written on the inside. Often the code is written on a white card.

3. DIP SWITCH CODING If you can't find a handwritten code (sometimes the writing gets worn away with time), you can look for the "dip switches" inside the Gem unit at the dock to determine the code. Each switch represents a number 1-8.
a. An example: for a
code of "1356" the switches in the 1st position, the 3rd position, the 5th position, and the 6th position will be switched "up." All other switches would be in the "down" position.
b. There is a middle position on each dip switch. A switch set to the middle position indicates a "zero" in a code. A code of 1037 could be shown by: 1st switch up, 2nd switch middle, 3rd switch up, 7th switch up, and all other switches down. A code of "056" could be set as follows: one of the first four switches in the middle, 5th switch up, and 6th switch up. It matters which of the first four is set to the middle, and the others have to be set to the down position. In general if you indicate a code of "056" we would set the 4th position to the middle so that the "zero" gets placed just before the next number.

4. STANDARD CODES If Gem does not receive the code before shipping out a transmitter, The remote will come to you set as follows. The 8832 comes preset to "00078": First two down, next three in the middle, last two up. The 8833 comes preset to "78": the last two switches up, the rest down.

Programming the Transmitter
1. For the 8832 use a small phillips screwdriver to open casing of the transmitter. For the 8833 slide down the front piece.

2. Set the eight dip switches according to the code found on the inside of the unit on the dock. These switches work in the same fashion of the switches in the box. Therefore, when properly set, the dip switches in the Gem unit installed at the dock should perfectly match the switches in the transmitter.

3. Refer to the picture below for further assistance.

Troubleshooting this process
1. Reset by flipping all switches from up to down or down to up. Then return the switches to their original positions.

2. Check that the codes on the remote transmitter and the installed Gem unit match with each other. Refer to the instructions above to read and program the switches. The settings on each set of dip switches must be identical.

3. Check to see if the manual switches on the Gem unit work. If these switches don't trigger your lift, there may be some other problem, for example with getting the proper power to the unit. Make sure the unit is being supplied with 24 VAC.

4. You can manually set the code on both the unit and the transmitter yourself. If you are having trouble, try setting the Gem unit to a new code and setting the transmitter to the same code.

5. NOTE: Gem remote systems use an RF radio frequency of 288. Some customers believe they have found writing on the inside of their Gem unitthat indicates that the system uses an RF frequency of 318. This is most likely incorrect: almost all units in operation today actually operate at the 288 frequency.

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Dip switches inside the 8832 and 8833 transmitters.
The code on the left reads "00078" and the code on the right reads "78"

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