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  This page was recently created in order to expedite the order process for our frequent customers. If there are any problems using this page, please email us and let us know.

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One Motor Remote System - GR1   Qty:   115/230VAC   230VAC only
One Motor Remote System w/ Auto-Stop - GR1A   Qty:   115/230VAC   230VAC only
Two Motor Remote System - GR2   Qty:   115/230VAC   230VAC only
Two Motor Remote System w/ Auto-Stop - GR2A   Qty:   115/230VAC   230VAC only
Four Motor Remote System - GR4   Qty:   230VAC only
Four Motor Remote System w/ Auto-Stop - GR4A   Qty:   230VAC only
Personal Water Craft One Motor Remote System - GRP1   Qty:
Two for One Remote System - GR2F1   Qty:   115/230VAC   230VAC only
E-Drive Limit Switch - KELS   Qty:   10 Ft.
Flat Plate Limit Switch - KFLS   Qty:   10 Ft.   20 Ft.   25 Ft.
All Metal Old Style (2000 to July 2005)- KFLS-METALBHUS   Qty:   10 Ft.
Rotary Limit Switch - KRLS   Qty:   20 Ft.   High Tide Mount
Two Button Miniature Transmitter - 6230   Qty:
Three Button Miniature Transmitter - 7240   Qty:
Upgrade Kit: 8832 to 7004 - K7004A   Qty:
Upgrade Kit: Air hose PWC to GRP1 - KAIRUPGRADE   Qty:
GFI   Qty:
Transformer   Qty:
Special Instructions/Comments  

3527 Plover Avenue
Naples, Florida 34117
Tel: 239.642.0873 
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